New Zoom Classes!

I will be hosting live online classes via the Zoom App, which you can download to any of your devices.  

Yoga classes will be All Levels Vinyasa Flow that require a place to practice and maybe a blanket or towel to pad your knees.  I will be offering these on a Pay What You Can basis because we all have different financial capabilities right now, but we all could use connection in anyway we can.


*Guided Meditation: for 15-30 minutes after we finish each yoga class, please stay and enjoy the art of sitting quietly with yourself as I guide you through the contemplative practice of meditation.

*Basic Thai Massage Course:  A great way to connect with someone you're in quarantine with.  You'll need a large enough space for your partner to lie down on a soft surface (stack a few quilts/blankets on the floor), with room for you to move around him/her.  There will be a charge per couple for this class and you will receive the link to the course once I receive your payment.  See below for more details.

Zoom Link:

(yoga & meditation classes)

Payment Details:

PayPal -

Venmo - @emilymcmichaelyoga

Schedule for this Week:


*75-90 minute classes

Tuesday April 7th @ 10am & 2pm PT

Wednesday April 8th @ 10am PT

Thursday April 9th @ 10am & 2pm PT


Wednesday April 8th @ 2pm PT

Price: $40 per couple

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Your Next Retreat is Around the Corner!

This retreat is designed to create physical, emotional and spiritual space to return to the elemental self.  We clear ourselves of whatever stories, labels or ideas stand in the way of stepping into who we intrinsically are: Divine Consciousness.  Daily morning rituals, including yoga and meditation, will expose you to the various earth-bound elements, while our nightly rituals/practices will connect you to your inner wisdom to give clarity on the essence of why you are here, now.  Through this experience you will be given the tools to select which elemental practices and rituals to take with you.  An experiential menu that allows you to create and cultivate the person you want to show up as in the world.  

details coming soon...

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Nothin' today, but stay tuned...

Teacher Trainings

Check back soon - things are in the works!